Who We Are

We Teach

CQM is committed to teaching a man how to welcome Christ into his home and marriage. Our Discovery Seminar is designed to help men rediscover and understand Christ's role in his home and marriage. Our follow-up course, the Christ Quest Institute, is an intensive college level course focused on demonstrating the principles of Christ-likeness in your everyday life.

We Disciple

Since 1983, Christ Quest Ministries has been helping men of all ages recognize and appreciate Christ's place in their life and to illustrate His love. Our discipleship sessions are offered as a way to walk alongside men as they navigate through all of life's encounters. It's never too late to start living your life for Christ.

We Share

Christ Quest Ministries founder Ken Nair literally wrote the books on this: his titles, based on the teachings found in CQM, offer you insight into yourself, your spouse, and most importantly, your duty to Christ. Get your copies of these amazing resources and begin turning every aspect of your life into a celebration of Christ.


If you are motivated to achieve true Christ-likeness in your home and experience the marriage that God intends for you, Christ Quest Institute is the right choice for you! The Christ Quest Institute offers students the opportunity to learn how to literally illustrate Christ and if married lead your family as Christ would. CQI offers students a three year, intensive opportunity for study and application of biblical requirements. You will never be the sameā€¦ because you will have acquired the brand of Christianity the apostles died for.

  • All new CQI students must have previously watched or been to the Discovery Seminar to enroll for the online or live school.
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